Meet the team

Paula Riley

Paula-Riley.jpgHaving qualified from the London Foot Hospital and school of Chiropody in 1973 Paula worked for the following year in a variety of settings including the NHS, private practice and a multi -professional hospital clinic. She then returned to The London Foot Hospital as a student teacher. She gained a teaching qualification from Chiswick polytechnic and continued teaching first as a teacher and then a senior teacher until she took a career break in 1988. In the early nineties Paula set up a private practice and did some sessional NHS work she later returned to clinical teaching working part time for University College London and the University of Brighton.

In 2004 she returned to full time teaching as a senior lecturer at the University of Brighton. She has been admissions tutor for several years and also first year tutor. She has worked with admissions tutors from other universities at the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists to promote Podiatry as a career.