Leaf Hospital Patients Complaints Procedure (Guidelines)


This has been based on/and should be read in conjunction with the CQC complaints regulation 16.




And the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust Policy and procedure for the recording, investigation and management of complaints and concerns.




In the case of Leaf Hospital the Complaints Manager (CM) is:

  • The Clinical Manager (Vince Zevallos)

in collaboration with

  • School Operations Manager (Daniel Quin) 


In the absence of a Clinical Manager in post, their role will be undertaken by the leader of the clinical module during which the event took place. 


A complaint can be made by:


A patient.


Any person who has been affected by or likely to be affected by, any action/treatment/advice that they have received atLeafHospital.


A relative or carer or representative in the following circumstances

  • If the patient or carer has granted consent for the representative to act on their behalf
  • When the patient concerned has died
  • The patient concerned is under the age of 18 (refer to policy)
  • If the patient is unable to make a complaint due to physical incapacity or lack of capacity within the terms of the mental capacity Act 2005 (refer to policy)


For any complaint which is made by a representative or carer on behalf of the patient, consent must be sort from the patient.


Making a complaint


A complaint can be made to any person working withinLeafHospital.


It can be verbal, electronic or written.


If it is a verbal complaint the person who received the verbal complaint should make a written transcript of the conversation and pass this on to the CM, stating who the complainant is, where and on what date the complaint was made and the subject matter of the complaint.


If it is a written complaint, the CM must make a written note of when it was received by them.



There is a time limit for making complaints


A complaint must be made within 12 months of the date on which the matter that is the subject of the complaint was noted by the complainant.


Or 12 months from the date that the matter which is the subject of the complaint occurred.


If a complaint is made after the expiry period, the CM can investigate if they feel that after looking at all the circumstances the complainant had good reason not to make a complaint within that time frame, or they feel it is still possible to investigate the complaint effectively and efficiently.


Acknowledging a complaint


The CM must send the complainant a written acknowledgement of the complaint within 3 working days of the date of the complaint being received.


Where a complaint was verbal, a copy of the written transcript should be sent as well, with an invitation for the complainant to sign and return it.


The CM must send a copy of the complaint and the acknowledgment to any person identified in the complaint.




The CM must investigate the complaint to the extent necessary and in the manner which appears to them to be most appropriate to resolve it speedily and efficiently.


If appropriate the CM must make arrangements (with the consent of the complainant) for mediation, conciliation or other assistance.


The CM must keep the complainant as up to date on the progress of the complaint as is practicably possible.







The CM must prepare a written response to the complainant which summarises the nature and substance of the complaint, describes the investigations and summarises the conclusions.


The response must be signed by the Chief Executive (in this case the Clinic Manager or someone who has deputised for them with their permission).


The response should be sent within 25 working days of receipt of the complaint, or as soon as practicably possible.


The response must refer the complainant to their right to refer the complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman or the Health care Professions Council if they feel it is professional misconduct and they are not satisfied.


A copy of the response must be forwarded to all persons mentioned in the complaint.


Follow up


A report will be made quarterly to audit the complaints received, specifying:


The number of new complaints received

% of new complaints acknowledged within 3 working days

Identifying the subject matter of the complaints

Summarising how they were dealt with and the outcome