DERMA Closing Event

Have you ever had a wound, cut or an infection, or known a family member with one?

Are you interested in how treatments for these are developed and what they may look like in the future?

Are you interested in new materials and products?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the DERMA event should be of interest to you.

DERMA is a research project co-funded by the EU Interreg 2 Seas programme and aimed to develop new and exciting materials that could potentially be used in future wound care.

The link below reserves you a place at the closing event on Wednesday 25th November.

This event will introduce the research team, the aims of the project, and showcase what the project has achieved.

To register, just click on the link and enter your details to reserve your place. You do not have to watch the event live, you can register and watch at a convenient time.

It is a public information event, so anyone if free to attend, internet access is required, but no special software is needed.]&u=94a194a3f00e507070c502d58&id=e6ef1e1ac6