What our students say

Jonathan Hauck

As a international student with a young family coming into the BSc Podiatry program at the University of Brighton was a difficult decision but one I would never change. The teaching facilities available to me at Leaf Hospital allowed my learning to excel beyond my expectations. From my initial contact with patients within the first year of the program, my abilities to communicate and develop patient-practitioner relationships has been invaluable. The facilities such as the dissection lab to the surgical theatre will be solidified in my academic career confirming that I made the right decision to pursue Podiatry at the University of Brighton. My knowledge of Podiatry improves every time I step into Leaf Hospital due to the willingness of those who work in this environment take their time to teach and ensure your comfortable with task at hand before moving forward. After graduation, I will be leaving the UK and returning home with my skills but will be forever grateful to those who supported me throughout my time under the roof of the Leaf.


The Leaf Hospital has provided me with the perfect place to study for my BSc Podiatry. It has the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness that's needed, and together with the great experience and knowledge of the staff I can be confident of being successful in my studies.